[Scribus] Preferred platform.

Oleksandr Moskalenko malex
Fri Feb 22 21:07:10 CET 2008

* John Culleton <john at wexfordpress.com> [2008-02-22 16:33:15 -0500]:

> I am sure all of you are bored to tears with descriptions of my attempts at 
> compiling 1.3.5 svn on Slackware 12, Slackware current and Kubuntu unstable. 
> Now let me ask two related questions:
> What Linux platform is optimal for compiling 1.3.5 svn?
> What platform(s) do the developers of Scribus use?
> -- 
> John Culleton


I compile 1.3.5 for two Debian branches and 1 Ubuntu branch, which are
basically the ones that have recent enough Qt4 regularly while making packages
and don't have _any_ problems whatsoever. I'd be happy to walk you through the
process if you are really stuck. I repeat - there are _no problems_ with
compiling 1.3.5 for Debian Sid/Lenny and Ubunty Gutsy. If you are having
problems it has nothing to do with these distributions.



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