[Scribus] Preferred platform.

Riku Leino tsoots
Fri Feb 22 19:01:25 CET 2008

> > Thanks! I need to talk to the Slackware guy and follow in his/her
> > footsteps. Can you forward this post to him?
> Thats Riku (tsoots on irc). He is subscribed to the list, like all of the
> devs.

I can try to help but after getting a 64bit system i moved away from Slackware 
(few years ago). Browsed the archives and i noticed your miseries with 1.3.5. 
Actually the only misery i could see was that your system was missing qt4 or 
Scribus build didn't manage to find it for some reason. Building on Slackware 
shouldn't differ from building on other systems (even one step easier since 
you won't need to install the devel packages since all that stuff is already 
included in the core packages).

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