[Scribus] 1.3.5svn compile error on Ubuntu Gutsy

John Culleton john
Fri Feb 22 23:03:09 CET 2008

On Saturday 16 February 2008 10:55:16 pm Craig Ringer wrote:
> Oleksandr Moskalenko wrote:
> > In any case the only thing the original
> > reporter had to do to find out what he'd need for 1.3.5 compilation would
> > be to look at my source package scribus-svn available in the Scribus
> > Archive (our upstream repositories). It would've taken him all of 2
> > minutes and he'd be on his way.
> Even if he wanted to build it himself (say, he wanted a debug build)
> it'd be possible to "apt-get build-dep scribus-svn", using the build
> dependency list on the package to set up the system.
> This information should probably be included in the BUILDING file,
> actually. I didn't even think to suggest it in the earlier discussion.

I try to simplify the process by simply saying 
cmake .
followed by 
in the ../trunk/Scribus directory.

Is there any reason why this should not work?  The cmake command line gets 
quite clumsy/errorprone  otherwise.

John Culleton
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