[Scribus] Problem knowing how to print a 3 fold leaflet

Peter Nermander peter.nermander
Fri Feb 22 12:51:39 CET 2008

> pages the way they are meant to be printed.  Is this saying that they
> are tiles to be joined in a long strip after printing?  I can see
> that in the  case of a book or magazine, the pages are displayed in
> spreads of two facing pages because that is how you lay them out,
> particular if a graphic crosses the gutter (inside or binding
> edge).  If my tiling supposition is correct, then displaying three or
> four pages abutted together would also allow the placement of items
> that cross the folds.

Yes, as I understand it that is the purpose, to be able to "preview" the
folds, how they will look after imposition. Placing items across folds is
one feature it can be used for (I'm not sure in which versions that works,
in earlier versions you had to do 2 copies of the item and place half of
it "outside" each page.)

This is of course confusing, since Scribus can not itself do the
impositioning during print, but I think it can be corrected by just
renaming the feature or explain it better in the dialog.


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