[Scribus] Problem knowing how to print a 3 fold leaflet

Hedley Finger hfinger
Fri Feb 22 05:38:58 CET 2008

Emma, Peter Cavender, and I have the same difficulty understanding 
why the New Document dialogue allows you to choose Single-sided, 
Double-sided, 3-fold, and 4-fold documents, expecting the latter two 
to create leaflets with the stated number of folds.  In fact, these 
would better be described as 2-fold, 6-page and 3-fold, 8-page, since 
this is the number of pages on both "sides".

Peter Nermander explained that these choices merely *display* the 
pages the way they are meant to be printed.  Is this saying that they 
are tiles to be joined in a long strip after printing?  I can see 
that in the  case of a book or magazine, the pages are displayed in 
spreads of two facing pages because that is how you lay them out, 
particular if a graphic crosses the gutter (inside or binding 
edge).  If my tiling supposition is correct, then displaying three or 
four pages abutted together would also allow the placement of items 
that cross the folds.

And I can see that the Normal Middle default master is used for pages 
that don't have any outside cut edges but whose "edges" are just 
folds.  The Normal Right and Normal Left masters are clearly used for 
the ends of the strip because they have one right or left edge that 
is actually trimmed.

There is clearly a disjunct here between the meaning of the four doc 
icons (Single, Double, 3-fold, 4-fold) that the developers intend for 
them and the somewhat different meaning that users, especially 
newbies like Emma and I, are reading into them.

Perhaps the label Document Layout above the icons should be changed 
to Display Layout (except that you get different sets of Normal 
default master pages wtih each choice).  Perhaps someone can give 
some examples of documents where you would choose the 3-fold or 
4-fold options and what advantages that would give to see 3 or 4 
pages displayed side-by-side.  A few examples may clarify where 
general explanations won't!

Would the developers consider adding ToolTips popups to the four 
icons that explain what their intention is?

Sorry to go on and on, but the 3-fold and 4-fold have got me baffled 
as to what use they are.  Years ago when I had to do 4-page and 
6-page folded leaflets, I just laid them out the way Gregory 
suggested, as appropriately sized sheets with guides for the folds, 
margins, etc. and created my own bleed area in which to put the fold 
marks for the printer.


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