[Scribus] First letter style e.t.c

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Fri Feb 15 04:32:28 CET 2008

?????? ??.?.? ?????? wrote:
> Hello
> As maybe you know, Greek language propessed for the international 
> language, but english becan, because of USA politic.
> In the language of lenguages, there are things very good but difficult.
> I can read and write not only greek polytonic, but and i write 
> palaiographic, and i write natural whith this system.
> Greek polytonic is in utf8 unicode system, and i design an inteligent 
> system for converting in palaiographie.
> That i whant is to use scribus for the use of these thinks, not indesign.
> So for scribus test, i made a character(3 in icon) in ascii 
> 50000(unicode) in a greek polytonic font and insert in a text with 
> OpenOfficeBasic and paste it in scribus. I can see the character in 
> scribus if i install the font, but i can't see at story editor. I 
> configure story editor with this font.
> I send the font file and scribus file.
> In the place of character i see a black rectangle.
> Why in scribus i can see the char but in story editor not? Thats is 
> the question. Maybe a bug?
> If this problem dont fixed i can not use scribus for that system.
> Take a look at http://orthway.org in ?????????? pdf's files to see 
> Greek polytonic, but not palaiographic, that is thausants times beter 
> at looking.
> Thank's
We don't seem to be getting the font file or sla. This sounds like 
something you should file as a bug:

I couldn't find any filed that talked about a discrepancy between 
viewing a character in Story Editor or the main page if the font is the 


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