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Louis Desjardins louis.desjardins
Thu Feb 14 05:00:16 CET 2008

2008/2/13, CMurray <chrystalmurray at comcast.net>:
> I have not yet downloaded Scribus. Am curious if it is possible to create
> a
> "flip page" document in Scribus that I can post to my internet site.
> I am looking to create something similar to www.thisisfly.com
> All the trial software, like FlipPublisher for example, that I have tried
> has had major issues- almost crashing my graphic designer's computer when
> she tried to import, changing the look to the viewer, etc.


At the basis of this, there are images or your pages. You can export your
pages from Scribus as PNG or JPEG and then rearrange them with another
software in order to make them appear like pages of a book that you can



Thanks a million in advance
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