[Scribus] Mail merge?

Craig Ringer craig
Mon Feb 11 09:09:19 CET 2008

John Jason Jordan wrote:
> I don't suppose you can merge text data into Scribus from a database file, right?
> I have Scribus, but I didn't see any buttons to do so. Nevertheless I thought I'd ask here just in case I missed something. I desperately need to merge text data into an application that can apply styles during the merge. I'd use OOo, KOffice or AbiWord, but none of them can import the existing data. The data is in MS Access, although I was able to import it into Kexi, so I could merge from either Kexi or Access.

At present there's no built-in mail merge support. It can be done to a
limited extent with Python scripting by looking for text frames with
specific names and updating them, but it's not easy to do dynamic
styling or to apply changes deep within a body of text. Data sources are
limited to those supported by Python modules (that's thankfully most of
them) and it's of course far from trivial.

Essentially, mail merge is just not supported. The only alternative I'm
aware of at present is to use Scribus to produce a PDF form and then use
a PDF forms tool to populate it.

Craig Ringer

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