[Scribus] New user questions

Ronald Wiplinger ronald
Mon Feb 11 07:30:42 CET 2008

I am new to scribus AND to create pdf files.

1. I am looking for a way to costumize a pdf file. Like a story book
with the name of the student in it.
Is there a way to do that automatically?

2. Another approach would be to use a smaller booklet size and add
"automatically" another frame pdf around it.
Is that possible?

3. I would like to add some "life" information to the book, like a
changeable advertisement from a server.
Is that possible?

4. Another way would be to send with the pdf file some advertisements
and a java script would randomly add ads to it.
Is that possible?

5. I want to keep track when the reader is reading a part of a book. Is
it possible to use password protected pdf booklets combined to a bigger
pdf books. When the user want to read a certain chapter, he needs a



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