[Scribus] Scribus Digest, Vol 60, Issue 23

Philipp Wagner lists
Sun Feb 10 00:10:20 CET 2008

hello Roger,

Roger schrieb:
>  > I had the same with, ad now 1.3.4
>  > > I tried compiling but it would not find libjpeg and libcms --
>  > > both
>  > > are installed and detected with whereis or locate.
> Yes, but do you have the development files, you need lcms.h and jpeglib.h
> /home/user/Download/littlecms/lcms-1.15/include/lcms.h
> /usr/include/firefox-
> Yes I do have these files
> I'm thinking that maybe they should be in the /usr/ directory or some other 
> folder ?

Yes, you need them (as well as the corresponding libraries in lib) to be
installed on your system. Do this by installing libjpeg-devel and
lcms-devel (or whatever these packages are called on your system) using
your system's package manager (synaptic, yast, yum, ...).

Apart from that, would it be possible to keep the original subject line
and not replying to the digest messages? Also please use proper
quotation, this makes messages *much* easier to read and to get the
context where the message came from.



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