[Scribus] scribus written in which language

Craig Ringer craig
Fri Feb 8 02:24:05 CET 2008

dhascruz wrote:
> Scribus, useful software in to the publishing industry. I am new to the
> scribus. I downloaded the source, I found it is written c family. 

Specifically, Scribus is written almost entirely in C++, with a few
files from external sources as plain C. It uses the Qt user interface
and platform abstraction library from TrollTech extensively.

> Can any body help in which it is written, it is linux or windows. 

Scribus can be compiled and run on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, and some
other UNIXes.

It is not "written in" Linux or Windows. Those are operating systems,
not languages. They do have associated sets of APIs; for Linux an
extended version of POSIX, the X Window System, and user interface
libraries like Qt and Gtk; for Windows the Win32 APIs; and for Mac OS X
both POSIX and the Mac specific Carbon and Cocoa APIs (and more). The
POSIX interfaces used by Linux are also used by many other platforms -
essentially everything but Windows, and even Windows supports most of them.

> How to compile the source file.

See the README and BUILDING file. If you have trouble understanding
these files feel free to seek help, but honestly if you can't follow
them you are unlikely to be able to effectively work on Scribus
development without gaining more experience with the build tools,
langugages, and operating systems involved.

> Is it developed in gcc. Whether it support Visual studio 2005 Vc++

Scribus is written in standard C++. It can be compiled with gcc,
Microsoft Visual C++ (versions from 2005 up and maybe even version 6,
though I doubt anybody has tried), and probably many other compilers.

A couple of months ago I did some work on the trunk version (the current
development version, in other words) to make the CMake builds work
correctly on Windows with Visual C++ and with MinGW ("gcc for Windows").
I have compiled it with CMake on Visual C++, but I have not tested this
lately and suspect from some changes I saw in the CMake files that it
might no longer work correctly.

You can not build the stable 1.3.3.x branch on Windows as it requires a
commercial Qt license. The project to port the GPL X11 qt3 to Windows
has largely stalled now that TrollTech has released Qt4 for Windows
under the GPL. In any case, if you are interested in working on Scribus
you would want to work with trunk (1.3.x) builds.

Building Scribus on Windows will require a fair bit of familiarity with
developing on Windows and some troubleshooting ability. The instructions
are still pretty brief, and building anything on Windows is much more
complex than on Linux or Mac OS X .

Jean Ghali, who maintains Scribus for Windows, uses custom-made Visual
C++ project files and a bunch of hand-built libraries, and I don't think
he can just distribute those. In any case, we should be trying to make
sure the CMake build works on Windows and encouraging people to use that
so we can stick to and maintain just one build system.

Craig Ringer

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