[Scribus] Usability needs attention

JLuc jluc
Tue Feb 5 14:20:35 CET 2008

avox a ?crit :
> Most fonts support more than one encoding. Unicode has the advantage that
> *all* known encodings can be mapped to Unicode. If there are non-standard
> glyphs in a font, they can still be mapped to the Private Use Area in
> Unicode.
> Internally Scribus stores Unicode only. So if a font fails to provide a
> Unicode
> mapping for its glyphs, it's lost to Scribus.

It seems that Scribus is not aware of this loss.

It would greatly help if Scribus was aware of that loss,
and would detect and stop the user attempt to do a mistake
instead of accepting it ...
and getting itself lost
(with this black hole phenomenum that destroy the doc ability to be further used).

Maybe this is a type of awareness that is globally missing,
but would lead to a more usable Scribus ?


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