[Scribus] Thus is has been with Scribus.

John Beardmore John
Mon Feb 4 10:43:03 CET 2008

Roger wrote:

> In reality it doesn't matter what the UI looks like, simply because the ones who
> use it will become accustomed to it over time. It seems as though many programs
> have  'all of the same problems', and this is because all UI's are based on the
> "fundamentals" of program layout and not on "how does the user actually use it".
> Thanks
> Sonia

OK, but for an app such as Scribus, how would you design the UI to 
reflect how it's actually used ?

And there's a chicken and egg issue here as the way the user actually 
uses the software at the moment is coloured the present and historic 
UIs.  The real question is perhaps,

     "If you were designing a ui for somebody who had never touched a
     computer, where would you start to best meet their needs ?"

Or is this hopelessly naive given how few people start from that initial 
state ?

And do you make an app quick to learn by using conventional common 
controls, or do you make the ideal user interface for the job, which 
most user will not want to engage with initially ?

This isn't a new dilemma in the GUI environment.  It seems analogous to 
the lack of uptake of powerful but cryptic tools like APL whose syntax 
scared off most users.

Cheers, J/.
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