[Scribus] Easy way to convert Publisher files using the MHT format

Thomas Zastrow listen
Sun Feb 3 21:06:53 CET 2008

Gregory Pittman schrieb:
> Maciej Hanski wrote:
>> I am fully aware of the major obstacles: the current file format being a
>> moving target, the new file format obviously far away from being stable,
>> without any visible progress: http://bugs.scribus.net/view.php?id=111
>> On the other hand, there would not be much need for XSL transformations
>> to the new file format until the 1.4 branch gets stable, and we are
>> probably talking of two years or so, judging by the roadmap and the
>> current progress.  In  the meantime, and probably some time after that,
>> 1.3.3.* branch will be _the_ Scribus version meant for production, and
>> there seems to exist real demand among Scribus users for such imports
>> right now.
>> So, it would make some sense to me, if an ambitious programmer started
>> to do some preliminary work on such XSL stylesheets.
> I would agree with Maciej here -- there is value now of beginning a 
> "proof of concept" project, perhaps limited (for example) to text and 
> image frames, that would show an initial approach which could then be 
> critiqued and tested by many users.
OK, I think I can start something in that direction. But, before that,
we should finish the manual :-)




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