[Scribus] Bounty for true PDF handling in Scribus

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Sat Feb 2 14:46:00 CET 2008


As organizer of OpenExpo I've used Scribus twice already to layout our
event booklet [1]. Thanks a lot for this great software, it's one of my
favorite OSS applications!! Therefore I convinced my colleagues
at /ch/open (a Swiss open source association) to finance a certain
enhancement I missed so far: true PDF handling.

Currently, PDF/PS import in Scribus is possible through image frames.
However, when exporting a Scribus file as PDF the imported PDFs get
rasterized thus colors are changed, text is rastered, links are lost,
file size increases because of large bitmap image etc. Therefore we'd
like to finance EUR 1200 for the implementation of the following

      * Import of PDF file: Selection which page is imported
      * Scaling: The imported PDF page can be scaled
      * Cropping: The imported PDF page can be cropped
      * Exporting of Scribus file as PDF: The imported PDF page's colors
        (RGB and CMYK), vector elements, texts including their font,
        links etc. are preserved
      * User friendly GUI: Handling of the imported PDF should be
        tightly integrated in the existing user interface

I know from discussions in IRC that these features are more or less
planned for the next release. However, we plan to layout our next
booklet in May 2008. Therefore we need the feature to be implemented
within the official SVN repository by April 30, 2008.

What do you think, it this feasible? Are the Scribus developers willing
to help us? For organizational and transparency reasons I filed a
project on COfundOS so I'd like to invite you to submit comments,
requirements details etc. on this website:


Thanks a lot for your support, best,


[1] http://openexpo.ch/prospekt

Matthias St?rmer | matthias at stuermer.ch | http://stuermer.ch

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