[Scribus] Copy/Paste between documents broken v1.3.3.x

Liz Young fsf1532
Sat Feb 2 01:16:24 CET 2008

Hi list,

Copy/Paste between documents is not working on this system -- openSUSE 10.3,
Scribus from KDE:Backports.  I started with (SUSE shipped
version) and have also tried versions from mrdocs (openSUSE
build service).

To view this behavior, select an image and a text box in Doc-1 and press
ctrl+c, bring focus to Doc-2 and press ctrl+v, nothing appears. Using
keyboard shortcuts has always worked more reliably for me than menu or
right-click selection.  Can someone verify, or suggest a fix where this may
work again?

Thanks in advance,
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