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Figaro marquiseduchatelet
Fri Feb 1 17:57:49 CET 2008

Hello, all.
I am forwarding this message in the hope someone(s) here may be able to
help them.
Further these may be development insights for plugins that would be
valuable to many potential users.
I have often had the issues of inheriting a body of formatted work (say
newsletters, magazine articles, etc..) that were needed as legacy
archives but would've been very useful to except sections into new
documents. Therefore a way to convert layout attributes (lacking scanner
of other fancy file type format tricks). Just a clean conversion into
the current software, then save the whole archive.
Oh well, just a thought. You guys are the pros., so I certain there are
tricks avail.
Thank you,

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> Hi everyone,
> One my customers publishes books. We are planning to migrate to openoffice and 
> eventually to Linux desktops. 
> Writing, editing and layout are all done in Microsoft Word. At the moment a 
> pretty complex template is used to make sure the layout is maintained.
> We have already established that it is impossible to build a template with the 
> same functionality for Openoffice. This is not a really big problem because 
> the template is not 100% user friendly, but an alternative solution is needed 
> before we can migrate to openoffice.
> And yes I know it is possible to use Microsoft Office in a Linux environment, 
> but then we need a licence for crossover office and we will in time have to 
> spend a lot of money for an office upgrade.
> So it would be nice if this can be avoided.
> The person in charge of publishing has already worked with Scribus (more 
> information in the previous post) and she likes it. Scribus is however too 
> complicated for the writers, translaters and editors.
> finishing a book in openoffice and the simply import it into Scribus is not a 
> solution because of the workflow. Writing, editing and layouting are not 
> done "one after the other" but can occur at the same time.
> We are looking for a way to connect the data between the Writer document and 
> the Scribus document, or maybe a script or program that is able to translate 
> the Openoffice document to Scribus in combination with a simple writer 
> template? An extra complexity is that a lot of translaters work from home, 
> they may not be willing to use a Openoffice, lthough it is my personal 
> opionion that that is not a really great sacrifice because it's free. Someone  
> has told me that it is possible to install a small plugin for MS Office, with 
> this plugin it is possible to read documents in the open document format and 
> also use Openoffice templates. That may be an interesting alternative.  
> As you can see we are still in the brainstorming phase. Any advise on this 
> subject will be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks, chantal
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