[Scribus] Look and feel

Roger hovergo
Sat Feb 2 00:05:14 CET 2008

I even think some guy with money & lawyers was claiming a
patent on what's generally called a "task progress bar".
(Wonder where that case is now?).
If that falls through, we wouldn't have the right to see
things like;
# Completed: -------------------* 70%

It amazes me that look and feel - ONLY- applies to computer software.
Cars and each of their components, fridges, tv's, cranes, bulldozers, 
lawnmowers, toasters, injection molding machines, shovels, rakes, in fact most 
of the things used in life have virtually identical "Look and Feel" to their 
competitor's offerings yet competition abounds.
But the UI of software -- oh no!  thats a patent issue.
I'd love an explanation of how antidiscrimnination and anticompetition meets 
look and feel.

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