[Scribus] Crash and empty frames

Pedrie Roberts pedrieroberts
Sat Sep 29 12:55:44 CEST 2007

I'm not a regular reader of or contributor to the list, but I am a very
regular user of Scribus. I use daily and professionally in our
publishing and printing business. I am a big supporter of the program. I
don't know if these problems have been discussed or reported:
1. Scribus' favourite reason for crashing is: in Story Editor, with text
selected, if you press Shift + Delete. Why is this and what's the plan to
fix this?
2. My biggest problem with Scribus: if you change text to a paragraph style
(mostly in Story Editor, but sometimes also in Properties), your text
sometimes dissapears. This does not happen always, and seems to be happening
more with certain styles. One possible way to get your text back, is to copy
and paste the frame and then delete the top one. Otherwise you have to close
the page and reopen it. IMO, this is the biggest problem in Scribus (and
made it look quite amateurish when I gave a demonstration the other day). I
will be very glad when this is fixed.
3. The only other real problem I experience at this stage, is that you
sometimes lose about a quarter of the page on the right hand
side both in Print Preview and Printing. This is why I never print directly
out of Scribus. I always first export as a PDF.
I'll appreciate some comments on these issues.
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