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Louis Desjardins louis.desjardins
Fri Sep 28 12:49:32 CEST 2007

2007/9/28, m8130 at abc.se <m8130 at abc.se>:
> > My guess is that you didn't choose proper document layout while creating
> > new
> > document. What you've described looks like choosing Single page document
> > instead of Double side.
> I think the problem here is that the dialog is very confusing. Scribus
> will NOT take care of the impositioning. The document layout only affect
> how the pages are displayed/arranged on the screen. They will be
> exported/printed as single pages.
> I really think it should be called "display layout" instead of "document



The reason for this being named layout is because the choice between Single
Page and Double Sided does affect the layout.

The left and right margins on the Single page layout become Inside and
Outside margins in the Double Sided layout. And you are also given more
options when this layout is selected.

Also, to understand what's going on when you pick any of the layouts but the
Single Page, please add more pages. You'll notice righ away the difference.

The 3-fold and 4-fold will help you design a document that is intended to be
folded (and made of at least 3 panels). The Double Sided is for any document
where you will need to have mirrored margins instead of identical margins on
each page.



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