[Scribus] Header lines

Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer
Thu Sep 27 16:03:30 CEST 2007

Am Donnerstag, 27. September 2007 14:01 schrieb Dr. Werner Popken:
> Did I understand ocrrectly: Master pages cannot contain elements with
> different content on different pages except page numbers?

No you didn't understand correctly. A master page can contain the same 
elements as a normal page. The difference is you can't edit items on master 
page once you applied the master page to a normal page.

> If so, how can I apply a "master layout" to include ever the same text
> frames (left/right) on a page? Do I miss something here? To rest
> assured, I spent an hour or so skimming through the documents,
> experimenting, trying to find out, Googling, ... As far as I can see,
> you can only place text frames automatically when creating a new
> document. Is this correct?

Yes and no. If you're working with 1.3.4  (which I wouldn't recommend), you 
may want to explore the possibilities of "Insert > Frame".

> Also: If I want to have a header line showing the chapter title left
> and the section title right, for example (which is something common in
> book layout, LaTex can do this easily), I understand that this has to
> be done manually on each page (maybe copied and pasted, using the
> scrapbook) or else a Python script has to be set up doing this for me,
> right? Or by defining lots of master pages by way of duplication, the
> first one having page numbers only, then one with a header for the
> first chapter, the next one for the second chapter and so on, data
> changing with each page to be still added manually?

Why would you want to change each page of a chapter? One left and one right 
page for each chapter, including page numbers, are sufficient.

> Or is the scrapbook the tool to perform these repeating actions like
> placing text frames and placing a text frame and an image frame
> within? If so, is there a trick to place them exactly instead of
> pushing them around or correcting data via keybord in the properties
> page?

No, master pages ;)



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