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Celso Junior celsojr2007
Thu Sep 27 13:42:13 CEST 2007


Well, although there are a lack of updating about the info of EasyPose, 
it was produced a book (ok, it was small page number - 88 -, but it went 
good for testing).
The workflow we saw it was better to be used was:

- Typing the text, formating the pages (mirrored even and odd), spell 
check and pagination with OpenOffice Writer:

It has great tools for that and can export the complete PDF file. If the 
aim is a book with a huge number of pages, it is quite simple.

- Creating the Sleeve on Scribus
Importing the colored images without concerning their color space (since 
pdf output does the job for cmyk, spotcolors and so), mixing objects to 
produce the sleeve at the same size of the pages, dont worring about 
trimming marks or printing control objects, like registration an color 

- Creating the plates on EasyPose
For profissional (or not)  finishing, one must order the pages so the 
folding and trimming methods can be determinated, depending on the 
system it is going to be printed. That's the function of EasyPose (soon 
avaliable natively in english). Personal control symbols, page thickness 
compensation, auto-reordering for Booklet finishing, Special marks to 
easily locate the binding order. Saving the project as a template or 
even as a Service Menu to be rightclicked and applied over further pdfs 

Extra features that are on the way are:

Special printing at the sides of the books
Automatic sleeve

So, the project was created that way and it worked just fine, without 
minor or major problems...  OpenOffice for the the book, Scribus for the 
sleeve and EasyPose for the page ordering and finishing issues.

I'm working on the translation correctly, so the natural language of 
easypose is to be turned to english, speed improvements and major bug 

Sourceforge is not responding to my requests, so I'll put it on a 
differrent opensource  repository, wich is not  a problem at all...

regards youl all!!

Get some info about easypose at:


Celso Junior

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