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Louis Desjardins louis.desjardins
Thu Sep 27 11:25:19 CEST 2007

2007/9/27, m8130 at abc.se <m8130 at abc.se>:
> > In my view, copying any element only occurs once. If a font has already
> > been
> > copied in a previous Collect for that project, there is no reason to
> copy
> > it
> > upon subsequent Collect.
> What I meant was, when copying the project back and forth between two or
> three different machines there really is no need to copy all the fonts
> every time. And the fonts copied in this way, as far as I understand, only
> be available for that project. So for the next project using the same
> fonts they will be copied again.
> There is a difference in "copying what is not available at the other
> machine" and "copying everything every time, for every project".
> Imagine someone working on a magazine. Always using the same fonts. Isn't
> it a bit unnecessary to have the fonts used included with every issue of
> the magazine?

The answer here depends mostly on each particular situation. As was pointed
earlier, there is no such thing as the right and the wrong way but the most
suitable way for a given situation.

In the case of a magazine, ads can have lots of fonts not used in the
editorial pages. Ads change from one issue to the other. In this case,
carrying the fonts of each issue will be useful. Especially when you are
asked to re-publish an ad from an older issue.

And again, the dialog box for "Collect..." offers a few choices to pick from
to adapt the operation to each particular case.

Interestingly enough, here is what we can read in the docs.scribus.net page
on Scribus basics

A Simple DTP Workflow:

   1. Make a simple sketch on paper of the basic layout.. This helps to
   visualize how to mix text, artwork and images.
   2. Get images collected as needed, preferably high 200 DPI or more
   saved as TIFFs or PNG. Get your artwork (illustrations or line art in a
   suitable import format. SVG is usually the best option.
   3. Write out the text in a word processor or text editor. Spell check,
   double check grammar, etc.
   4. Collect all these files in a project directory and start building
   your document in Scribus.

Source: http://docs.scribus.net/index.php?lang=en&page=about2

I think it is a workflow issue to make sure that the fonts used are
> available at the machines used. Fonts are static, the images used are
> mostly not.

If we are to discuss about font managing, which is a vast subject, I suggest
we should open a new thread.


So, the Collect for outout method is not a good alternative to just
> copying the images. (That was the point I was going to make, both
> functions are needed, but for different tasks.)
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