[Scribus] Adding an image dynamically

Dr. Werner Popken Werner
Wed Sep 26 09:38:50 CEST 2007

> P.S.: Why don't you spend a few minutes to skim the Wiki for relevant
> information (it even has a search feature). Oh, and there's a thing called 
> Help Browser in Scribus ;)

Thanks a lot for the advice!

Just for your information: I spent quite some time reading through all
your wonderful material, watching the videos, and even used the help
system. As I tried to explain in case of the import feature, there was
a tiny detail missing, and all you experts don't even notice ;)

If I wouldn't have had the guts to ask you experts -- how long would I
have tried in vain to find the solution myself?

It looks like I can accomplish my book in a couple of days; if so, I
might find the time to set up a tutorial or video to help other poor
guys like me ;)


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