[Scribus] Printing Separation Questions

Celso Junior celsojr2007
Tue Sep 25 15:17:00 CEST 2007

Hi There!

I'm doing some labels and playing with the SpotColor features (with All seems to be setter right for pdf files, but I have to 
print the file in black and white so I can create a "laserfilm" for 
flexography matrix generations (cyrrel) so I have to print it as color 

The print dialog seems to be good, but I noticed that things like 
frequency and color angle are missing... As I suspected, I checked the 
output Ps file and... "tadaaahh" u_u no information about frequency, 
spot funciont or angle... of course that the command setscreen at each 
page would solve all of this...  I tried to fill the fields at pdf  
options but  it  did not work either...

Look, I know  separation at postscript files are kind of old stuff at 
Desktop Publishing, but there are thousands of small printers arround 
the world that would appreciate a lot if they just have the option to 
genereate their own separated films ^_^. (here in Brazil, kind of 16k)

GhostScript could be used but... since scribus has it's own Postscript  
output libraries, I think it is much more productive if it could be 
setted that way...   Just like pdf options, postcript options for 
separations ^_^v

there could even be a field for custom spot functions  for each color!

An advanced feature is custom frequency, angle and spotfunction for each 
object (if requested). That would improve 1000% the flexibility of 
scribus... but this could be further..I think the separation thing is 
more necessary O_o.

What do you think?


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