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John Beardmore John
Tue Sep 25 10:34:25 CEST 2007

Randolph Bentson wrote:

> On Mon, Sep 24, 2007 at 06:18:17AM -0500, william f. maddock wrote:
>> And what if somebody?for whatever reason?moves the pictures? Disk 
>> space or not, it is far better to have the pictures embedded within the 
>> actual document. That way, if someone wants to move the source pictures 
>> around, let them. You've got the ones you need within the document. 
>> This is also better for collaborative work, as all the needed elements 
>> are right there and there is no need for the system to search them out 
>> in order to rebuild the document, because they are all right there 
>> within the document itself. 
> I'm compelled to disagree with this position. What you argue is ok
> if the images are unchanging, but they, just like the text, may be
> changed as part of the workflow.

Yes -  all true in some circumstances.

> That argues for keeping them outside
> of the document file. What may be needed are scripts for packaging
> and unpackaging the parts of a document for exchange. That's when it
> would be appropropriate to merge images with text into a package.

Or simply allow the user to select if they want to include a relative or 
absolute pointer, or an object itself in the .sla file.

There is no 'one true way'(R) in DTP or any other activity in life.  The 
real design question might be 'What range of options do users need ?', 
followed by 'What are the priorities for implementation ?'.

Cheers, J/.
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