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Gregory Pittman gpittman
Mon Sep 24 14:55:35 CEST 2007

Louis Desjardins wrote:
> I think coming at this in an absolute manner and in a theoric ground 
> doesn't help the discussion here. I come at this from the real life 
> scenario of having to retrieve sometimes jobs done previously when a 
> client tells us to pick the logo on page n in issue i from month m 
> without further details. Having this logo (what was the name again?) 
> placed in a folder named "logos" or anywhere else on the server won't 
> help us to know exactly if "that" image is the one my client has in 
> mind... But I agree, the situation can be saved (half-saved) just by 
> the way the collect function works now... unless we forgot to do it at 
> the end... or maybe we thought it was the end and we made the collect 
> before the real end... Doing it first would help, no questions!
Not that this entirely answers the question, but attached is a little 
script I wrote to create a text file listing of the image frames with 
the complete pathname for the file, and the text frames, with the 
content. Since the output is a text file, it takes up only a tiny space. 
This is a simple script that relies on image frames' names beginning 
with "Image" and text frames with "Text".

Much of what this discussion is about revolves around the discipline one 
needs to do tasks like layout/DTP. You have to develop a workflow that 
is relatively foolproof and allows for unexpected interruptions that 
cause you to suddenly leave your work in the middle, then come back 
again and quickly know where you were and where everything is that you 
were working on. Similarly, old work needs to have an organization that 
is understandable months or years later.

Personally, I've never liked and rarely use automatic saving because it 
becomes something that mentally is outside of my responsibility and so I 
stop thinking about it only to pay for it later.

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