[Scribus] Group opacity not working

David Christian Berg david
Mon Sep 24 14:44:36 CEST 2007

Hey guys!

I'm trying to create a poster in Scribus (don't feel like switching to
Win to use InDesign).
Unfortunately it is not as easy as I wish it were. How do I snap to
margins, page edge and the bleed?
Why does the mousewheel zoom in to the centre of the drawing and not to
where the cursor is, or at least the centre of the page?

Well, these are annoyance one can live with, that just consume way too
much time.
But as it seems, the group opacity is just not working.
I'm using the version 1.3.4 from May 27th this year.

Hope you can help or point me at a newer version with fewer annoyances.



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