[Scribus] Images in a frame

m8130 at abc.se m8130
Thu Sep 20 20:46:31 CEST 2007

> True. XYZ defines the position of the image frame. Form gives the
> option to let text flow around the frame and would be the right place
> to define the margins, if only I could find out how to do it. The
> Image tab gives the opportunity to define the dimensions of the image,
> but I would prefer to use the automatic scaling property, which is an
> alternative to that option.

The image tab also has X-pos and Y-pos.

The text flowing arolund the frame will flow around the frame. If the
frame is bigger than the image and is located "centered" in the image
frame you will get a margin.

I just tried it here.

However you can not, as far as I can tell, drag the image to that
location, you must change the values for X-pos and Y-pos.

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