[Scribus] Intelligent Outlining / Image sizing.

James Gilmore james.d.gilmore
Mon Sep 17 14:48:36 CEST 2007

 > My problem is that I need 'intelligent' outlining. Ie.
 > header a
 >         child b
 >         child b
 >                 child c
 >                 child c
 >         child b
 > header a
Not to flog the dead horse, but this is exactly why supporting docbook
is so needful. That, and about 50 other reasons that deal with

Actually, it doesn't have to be docbook, it just needs to be semantic,
and tagged. We need to be able to have an xml-tagged flat text file
that, when updated, the scribus text frames  can be updated to the new
version of the text. Scribus (or a script in Scribus) needs to be able
to import the text and assign the correct styles based on the tag info
surrounding the text. It should be able to determine the tag's id and
update the appropriate text frame. Really, that's all that's needed-
the whole docbook format doesn't need to be implemented, but the style
editor needs to be able to have external ids and/or classes assigned
to them, so that text can be imported and automatically styled. And,
the text frame should be capable of storing external id's so that the
importer knows where to stick the text. Not just one id, either: it
should be able to concatenate different id's from the xml file.

That way, the designer can design and the writer can write.

I know, I should quit my whining and just start programming. ;)

> I currently would like to put together a magazine. However the problem that I am having
> is that some of my images of quite large 1360px by 1280px and I would like for those
> actually have a page to themselves, but I do know what custom sizes to make this and
> other pages so that there no excessive paper showing behind the image.  How do I
> customize the page for the image. Or rather convert pts to pixels?

If you read back through the last two weeks of message traffic, this
was covered, but here's the short version: Scribus doesn't care about
anything but pixels. The size hints in the image file are just that:
hints. Open the properties dialog for the image frame (press F2). In
the properties box, click on "Image." Toggle the radio button that
says, "Adjust Image to Frame Size." Now the picture scales with the
image frame. Alternately you can futz with the free-scale parameters.
This could be more handy if your frame isn't rectangular.  I pretty
much just leave the properties window open all the time.

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