[Scribus] Preparing a Scribus workshop

Craig Ringer craig
Mon Sep 17 04:40:09 CEST 2007

Benjamin Huot wrote:
> Scribus on Mac OS X, at least the 1.3.3.x stable version is so slow  
> and unresponsive that it is not usable on the Mac as far as I am  
> concerned. One of the problems is that it doesn't use the latest  
> major version of Qt, which doesn't perform well on the Mac. I heard  
> some where that this was done, because they wanted to make it  
> available for Windows and Qt 4 wasn't open source with the right  
> license for that. So basically it sounds like they chose the Windows  
> version over the Mac version.

When Scribus was ported to Mac OS X, Qt 4 was not available.

Stable versions of Scribus still do not use Qt 4 - on any platform. This
is because code must be ported from Qt 3 to Qt 4, Scribus has a lot of
code, and there aren't that many people doing the porting.

There was indeed no suitably licensed version of Qt for a Scribus
Windows version when that first saw work. There still isn't, really,
since Qt 4 Open Source Edition only supports MinGW. TrollTech have been
kind enough to help the Scribus project out in this area, so that builds
can be done with MSVC++ (thus gaining Scribus access to GDI+ etc, which
MinGW doesn't support).

In short, the Windows version has in no way been "chosen over" the Mac
version. A large part - though far from all - of the difference is Qt
3's rather alpha quality support on Mac, which should be fixed when a
stable Qt4-based version of Scribus can be released.

Craig Ringer

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