[Scribus] pdf-Export: leave colors unchanged

stu seven stu7seven
Sun Sep 16 22:08:08 CEST 2007

+    Hi Hans -  Well, this gets asked a lot, and there is
an easy answer in Scribus, which is - just make sure
you have all your color settings turned [off] when you
begin with your document... this should produce just
what you ask for.
     More often, it is when one starts to make settings
that prints are not as the user imagined.
     Hope this works for you, as it did for me.  If not,
ask again, as my expertise with Scribus Color Management
is very small... which is how I learned this trick... sometimes
no color management is what you want !

On 9/16/07, hans eisl <h.eisl at aon.at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a question to the pdf-Export:
> is there a way to leave all the colors in a document unchanged, that
> means export cmyk-colors as cmyk and rgb-colars as rgb?
> The reason: we use a high-end digital printer with a higher gamut as
> "normal" 4-color offset-printers and our printer can work well with
> rgb-colors. So it seems sometimes better to import pictures in scribus
> in rgb-colors.
> Thanks for your answers.
> Hans
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