[Scribus] Master Pages

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Wed Sep 12 17:51:57 CEST 2007

Craig Bradney wrote:
>>> I know what Master Pages are. But in QuarkXPress or InDesign you are
> still able to change Objects on document pages, that were placed on Master
> Pages. For that you have to hold ctrl on your keyboard. It is very
> inconvenient to put text frames on every single page in your document or to
> copy them from a master page to a document page.
> There is already some code hidden away for this but I dont think its active
> anymore. This idea is one of our aims, but right now there are a lot more
> important changes going on to look at this. Once 1.3.5 is out, we can start
> to look towards adding features again.
It seems to me if you're doing this, you're changing the nature of 
Master Pages. Why not just have the capability of a Multiple Paste to 
multiple pages? It could use the same style requester as Multiple 
Duplicate. This would be useful to someone not even using Master Pages.


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