[Scribus] Master Pages

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Wed Sep 12 16:14:22 CEST 2007

? wrote:
> I know what Master Pages are. But in QuarkXPress or InDesign you are still able to change Objects on document pages, that were placed on Master Pages. For that you have to hold ctrl on your keyboard. It is very inconvenient to put text frames on every single page in your document or to copy them from a master page to a document page.
There is a certain amount of learning and experimentation that it takes 
to find out what works for you.
One thing about copying text frames is that, for example, if you copy a 
text frame on Page X (Ctrl-C or use the Context menu), then go to Page Y 
and paste (Ctrl-V), the frame will be placed on Page Y at the same XY 
coordinates it had on Page X. That doesn't seem so inconvenient to me. 
This kind of copying is different from Duplicating or Multiple Duplicating.
You can create as many Master Pages as you want, copying and modifying 
as you wish. But to make minor modifications on the Master Page for each 
time it's used isn't using them in a sensible way. If each Master Page 
is going to have one use, why not just copy pages and edit the copy?


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