[Scribus] Problems loading text into Scribus

Craig Ringer craig
Tue Sep 11 07:53:48 CEST 2007

Thomas Zastrow wrote:
>> Since every writer works in Word or its equivalent, and no print shop can USE an original word document for printing, it's very >surprising to me that there seems to be NO program for converting the word processing documents to "print ready" documents for >commercial printers.

There should be very little wrong with sending an OpenOffice.org PDF
file to a print shop - their RIP should handle it fine. I'd avoid it if
you need accurate colour, though, since OO isn't ICC colour aware so it
can't do a decent (or any as it happens) conversion to CMYK, nor can it
embed profile tags to let the printer's RIP do that. In fact, it strips
profiles from tagged images on PDF export.

I'd be willing to use OO.o on work with no or limited colour
requirements (no spot or photo-quality colour) where job length meant a
word-processor-like design made the job easier. For colour, I'll admit
I'd probably just fire up InDesign ;-) since Scribus does a good job but
isn't easy or fast for long text-heavy jobs.

>> How do the iUniverse folks (and all the other "print on demand" publishers) do this?  Their most favored MS submission type  seems >to be the Word .doc type of file.

I pity their staff.

Craig Ringer

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