[Scribus] Gradient causes horizontal line under text

David Bodwell mazbook
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Subject: [Scribus] Gradient causes horizontal line under text

I have two layers:

Background - contains a coloured rectangle equal to page size
Design - contains a text frame.

The rectangle is filled with a vertical gradient with three stops.

For some reason, this causes a thin horizontal line to be drawn under the 
text. The line has the colour of the second gradient stop. How can I work 
around this?

I am using Version with Ghostscript 8.60 on Windows XP.

I have attached the .sla file if anyone wants to try.

John, I have the same Scribus and Ghostscript version running on XP on my computer.  I opened your file, and AT FIRST, the gradient was incorrect, then it corrected itself, but there was a thick line at the top of the text, THEN, after scrolling up and down a few times, it corrected itself again, but only the current area being viewed was correct.  If I scrolled to another area, it appeared bad until I scrolled up and down again.  Then I reduced the size to 26% (so I could view the whole thing without scrolling) and it looked FINE.  I think it's just some sort of poor interaction with XP, rather than a flaw in your file.

David Bodwell

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