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David Bodwell mazbook
Mon Sep 10 04:03:29 CEST 2007


I would be happy to furnish anyone testing or developing Scribus with the original files I used.  There is the original Word .doc file, the OpenOffice.com .odt file (created from the Word file), the HTML file created from Word and the HTML file created from OpenOffice.org.  ALL these files are letter perfect (except for the footnotes being at the end of the document instead of on the proper pages, as in the original word processing files, on the HTML files).  The Word generated HTML imports perfectly into Scribus, the OpenOffice.org generated HTML does NOT! ).  There are some minor differences between the original word processing files, due to deficiencies in OpenOffice.ord Writer converting from Word (and some subsequent editing of the .odt file, bullets, mainly), but those are minor.  Nothing that should affect the transportability of either.

Too bad about the footnotes, your work-around is a definite possibility, Louis, but this book has a LOT of footnotes, and I don't know if I'm up to that much extra work.  It would work fine when I go into the second printing of another small book that I publish.  That one only has about 6 footnotes that have to go on the same page rather than at the end.

Since every writer works in Word or its equivalent, and no print shop can USE an original word document for printing, it's very surprising to me that there seems to be NO program for converting the word processing documents to "print ready" documents for commercial printers.

How do the iUniverse folks (and all the other "print on demand" publishers) do this?  Their most favored MS submission type seems to be the Word .doc type of file.

I have used Word XP successfully for publishing several small books.  It works very well, even the imposition options work perfectly.  However, the justification option really sucks, it's TERRIBLE.

Thanks for the help, everyone.

David Bodwell
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2007/9/9, David Bodwell <mazbook at yahoo.com>:
Thanks, Adreas and BOTH Craigs.  I haven't tried the 
v1.3.3.10svn yet, but Andreas' work around using HTML works quite well?IF you create the HTML document from a Microsoft Word .doc file, using Word, rather than from an OpenOffice.org .odt file using OpenOffice.orgWriter
.  Both HTML file look good, but only the Word created one imports properly into Scribus.

[to the devels or testers] Anyone can dig into this? If this statement is confirmed, it's strange. 

Now, if there was some way to keep those footnotes on the correct page.  The final published version of the work is for popular reading and the general public does NOT flip to the back to read footnotes as the scholarly community does.

Hi David,

The only workaround I know for footnotes is to create a text frame below the main text frame and place the footnotes there, manually, on each page. This has always been a nightmare in DTP. I cannot tell if Adobe people came up with a nicer solution. To the best of my knowledge, Quark 
6.5 doesn't handle footnotes in a better way and maybe 7.x has something to offer... 

Let us know.



Thanks again,
David Bodwell
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