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Louis Desjardins louis.desjardins
Mon Sep 10 02:39:53 CEST 2007

2007/9/9, David Bodwell <mazbook at yahoo.com>:
> Thanks, Adreas and BOTH Craigs.  I haven't tried the v1.3.3.10svn yet, but
> Andreas' work around using HTML works quite well?IF you create the HTML
> document from a Microsoft Word .doc file, using Word, rather than from an
> OpenOffice.org .odt file using OpenOffice.orgWriter.  Both HTML file look
> good, but only the Word created one imports properly into Scribus.

[to the devels or testers] Anyone can dig into this? If this statement is
confirmed, it's strange.

Now, if there was some way to keep those footnotes on the correct page.  The
> final published version of the work is for popular reading and the general
> public does NOT flip to the back to read footnotes as the scholarly
> community does.

Hi David,

The only workaround I know for footnotes is to create a text frame below the
main text frame and place the footnotes there, manually, on each page. This
has always been a nightmare in DTP. I cannot tell if Adobe people came up
with a nicer solution. To the best of my knowledge, Quark 6.5 doesn't handle
footnotes in a better way and maybe 7.x has something to offer...

Let us know.



Thanks again,
> David Bodwell
> Editorial Mazatl?n
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