[Scribus] Better table editor for Scribus

Robert Miller rw2miller
Mon Sep 10 02:37:44 CEST 2007


I, too, am used to writing in PageMaker, and have been doing newsletters,
etc. since the days of Aldus.  With Adobe moving on to other projects,
PageMaker is now orphaned.  I've been watching progress in the development
of the Scribus project and have it on one of my computers (Suse).  Slowly,
I'm trying to convince those who will listen (!) to at least give Linux a
try.  My wife, however, seeing her retirement just 4 months away, doesn't
have the patience to learn something new.  Currently, she and I are editing
a DVD on foreign adoptions for her agency.  It has previously appeared on CD
and in print, both of which proved popular.  Each time we do it, there's an
attempt to improve the look and feel.  This time we're using Articulate on a
WinXP foundation, but that program, we've learned, promises more than it can
Anyway, I wanted to cheer the Scribus project on.  Good job so far!


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On Saturday 08 September 2007 08:45:49 am Gregory Pittman wrote:
> Bruce Smith wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > I'm a noob to Scribus, but have been doing DTP since PageMaker 
> > belonged to Aldus. I'm wondering if anyone knows whether or not 
> > Scribus will be blessed with a table editor like the one in InDesign?
> > On where you can dump in tab delimited text and give a text-to-table 
> > command. Going the OpenOffice/.eps route is currently what I'm doing 
> > to get tables, but sometimes it would be quicker to just fiddle with 
> > the table in Scribus.
> Here's at least an approximate answer:
> http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/1.3.x_Roadmap#1.3.8
> so it's a bit away I'm afraid. What it requires is a complete rewrite 
> of the way tables are done.
> Greg
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In the meantime one can create tables in e.g., Context's Natural Table
progam and import the resulting file in some non-bitmapped fashion as a

John Culleton

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