[Scribus] Problems loading text into Scribus

David Bodwell mazbook
Sat Sep 8 20:17:58 CEST 2007

I'm very much of a newbie at this DTP stuff, but I'm pretty darn computer literate.  I have to admit that Scribus has absolutely stumped me.

All the documentation says that you can import OpenOffice.org text documents (.odt) directly into Scribus.  My problem is this:  I open a new Scribus document, insert a text box, them import my text file?so far, it works?but then when I go to that text box I find that ALL the text file is in the first page text box, all 40 pages of it!  No matter what I do, I can't seem to get this file onto multiple pages in Scribus, the way it is in the word processor.  HELP!

The second problem is that even if I COULD get it into multiple pages, Scribus strips ALL of the footnotes.  This is one I must be able to overcome to be able to use Scribus, as the text file I'm working with has numerous footnotes.

I'm sure that both these problems are due to my inexperience with DTP software, but I sure need answers.

David Bodwell
Editorial Mazatl?n

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