[Scribus] Printing hopeless confusion

avox avox
Thu Sep 6 19:30:26 CEST 2007

John Jason Jordan-2 wrote:
> On Thu, 6 Sep 2007 14:54:03 +0200
> Lars Behrens <lars.behrens at pi.uka.de> dijo:
>> Am Wednesday 05 September 2007 18:41 schrieb John Jason Jordan:
>> > 1) Adobe Reader on Ubuntu amd64 does not list the printers you have
>> > installed via CUPS. The only way to print is with lp or lpr, which
>> > cannot access the features of the printer. That is because lp and lpr
>> > are just too old. The reason CUPS printers do not appear in the
>> > drop-down list in Adobe Reader is because Reader finds the list of
>> > printers via certain 32-bit libraries, libraries which Ubuntu decided
>> > not to install in the 64-bit versions of Ubuntu. No 32-bit application
>> > has a drop-down list of printers installed in CUPS. I am hoping this
>> > will be fixed in Reader 8.1 for Linux, whose release should be pretty
>> > soon (the beta has been closed for a month). I know it will be
>> > available via rpm and deb, and I am praying that it will also be
>> > available in 64-bit versions. I put in a strong word about 64-bit Linux
>> > with several of the Adobe development team.
>> First thing, which you should check, as already mentioned: Do you have 
>> kprinter? It is a KDE interface to cups which you can use to print from 
>> acroread. If you don't have it, install it, if possible.
> Yes, I have had kprinter installed for some time. However, I don't know
> what you mean by "It is a KDE interface to cups which you can use to
> print from acroread." When I go to print from Adobe Reader I get
> Reader's print dialog box, not kprinter. As I said before, there is a
> drop-down where the printers the user has installed via CUPS are
> supposed to appear. In my print dialog box all that box shows is
> "custom." To the right of it is a line where I can enter an alternate
> print command, and that is where I put an lp or lpr command. If I could
> access kprinter from within Reader it would be really cool.

Nearly there. Now just type in "kprinter" instead of lpr as alternate print
command and there you are. :-)


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