[Scribus] Image frame doesn't make any sense to me

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Wed Sep 5 15:28:48 CEST 2007

What I find with a repetitive, precise layout is that it ends up saving 
a lot of time to use the numbers that Scribus supplies in the various 
tabs for the most reliable placement, sizing, offsets. Certainly when 
you're doing something repetitive it's the best way to truly get what 
you want. Visually tweaking just isn't reliable enough, and wastes a lot 
of time.

If you are indeed making very precise images to be imported, this should 
be by far the best approach. And don't forget to copy or duplicate 
frames to save the various settings when they're complex.

As far as needing to see the images to make sure they're the right ones, 
visually checking is not reliable enough either -- best to creatively 
name the file so you won't make a mistake. Presumably when you create 
the file is when you are the most sure what it is, and if you're relying 
on your eye to see a very tiny difference in two images, you're sooner 
or later going to make a mistake, perhaps a very costly one.


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