[Scribus] Image frame doesn't make any sense to me

Pierre Marchand capparis
Wed Sep 5 11:09:39 CEST 2007

On Wednesday 05 September 2007 09:51:08 dax702 wrote:
> I'm sure he's very educated about everything DTP, I don't question that.
> Another thing the creators of Scribus should consider is that there will be
> a lot of people like me who just need a DTP package in order to create a
> book or pamphlet or something along the lines, but they aren't necessarily
> wanting/or needing to become experts at DTP. I didn't want to lay out
> hundreds and hundreds of dollars for a program I'll use once.  In other
> words, they'll get it because it's free, they'll use it for what they need
> and then probably never use it again until the next project comes along
> that requires it..  Considering that market in addition to the seasoned
> pros is a good move because the beginners will be happy that they can
> produce a book easily and they'll tell their friends about it.  I've
> already told one person about Scribus as a matter of fact... Especially
> being open source, always design for the lowest common denominator to
> satisfy the, "Oh, you mean I don't have to pay $800 for Quark in order to
> do this?" crowd =)
> (yes, I had the full resolution set for th preview setting, completely
> illegible on the screen.  All of the images will have the same width, but
> different heights)

I meant he could have just answered: "Bitmap graphics got no 'actual 
size'."(in "actual english"!). But he gave you full detailed explanation, 
what I consider an high level karma.

Pierre Marchand

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