[Scribus] Image frame doesn't make any sense to me

dax702 dax702
Wed Sep 5 06:21:41 CEST 2007

I too am targeting real physical output, a book that people will buy.  For my
situation, having the ability to plop these musical notation references on
the page *exactly as they were created* is a significant drawback.  While
you can certainly take a picture of grandma's birthday party and stretch it
some, mess up the aspect ratio a little and it will still look fine,
something like this music notation is immediately crap if it's not exactly
as it was created..

I understand if one is putting a magazine or book together that has small
pictures that have to be placed in a column or something like that, then
yes, the image frame is a good tool for exact positioning and putting a very
large huge pixel picture into a small box.

Again, the adjust frame to image does not work as you would expect it to, it
only adjusts the frame to the image size that's on the page already, but
since you have to first define a frame size, if it's not right (in the sense
that it's not the exact size as the image I'm placing into it), then
adjusting the frame to the image doesn't work.  This is simply because the
image wasn't placed on the page correctly to begin with... 

If I'm not the last person to use Scribus for assembling this type of book
with music notation references, I can guarantee you will hear from others
complaining that they can't accurately insert their bitmap images of music
on the page.  All I'm suggesting is that the option should exist for cases
where it makes more sense.  It would be as simple as "Size frame to
dimensions of image"  You check the box, and when I click get picture, it
takes those dimensions and plops the image on the page with a picture frame
around the image, just like we do it for the web.  Having the option is
better than not having it to save the amount of frustration I went through
playing with the image frame and its settings... Fortunately, I don't have
to use the bitmap image anymore as I was able to successfully create an EPS
that looks good and is the correct size to begin with, no distortion of the
image whatsoever.. And now I'm going to the gym! =^D
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