[Scribus] Scribus and Trapping?

Celso Junior celsojr2007
Tue Sep 4 21:54:06 CEST 2007


My my studies about trapping, it is only required when we have two or 
more objects wich we wish to avoid appear a white or misscolored fillet, 
due to a registration problem. Trapping can be simulated in scribus by 
adding a stroke line arround the object, containing a sort of mixing of 
the two colors (causes overprint) Lets think in Magenta Square and a 
Cyan Circle for example.
If we put a thin (0.5pt) Blue stroke line arround the circle, there will 
be an overprinting arround it and the magenta area and the cyan area 
will have a 0.5pt tollerance  of  registration problems to this object.
Lets say  that you must just know the  resulting sum of the object 
colors and, for the internal object, apply a stroke with that color .
Another example, a 50% black (C0% M0% Y0% K50%) circle with a orange 
(C0% M50% Y100% K0%) rectangle passing throught it. create dark orange 
(C0% M50% Y100% K50%)
That should be enought to have a arcaic, but reasonable, object trapping 
with scribus ^_^v

Celso Junior

Stewart Noy escreveu:
> Does Scribus currently have any tools/methods for handling trapping? This is
> a fairly new (yet another) concept for me. When does trapping become an
> issue.
> For instance I have many many drawings including round Bezier Curves
> (smaller ones about 5mm x 4mm) within my doc that have a light brown (R231,
> G230, B113) colour and a black line (0.6pt).
> Would I require trapping here? Would changing the border to say a dark brown
> (R17, G78, B7) instead of black solve this, or am I understanding this all
> wrong?
> Stewart

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