[Scribus] 3D text effects

John Brown johnbrown105
Mon Sep 3 23:08:28 CEST 2007

On Mon, 03 Sep 2007 13:35:36 -0400, Gregory Pittman wrote:
>Thomas Zastrow wrote:
> > John Brown schrieb:
> >
> >> Hello All,
> >>
> >> Is there a way in Scribus to give text a 3D appearance? If not, can
> >> someone suggest other free (as in free beer) software that can do it,
> >> and preferably save the result in a scalable form that can be imported
> >> into Scribus?
> >>
> >> Right now, I am using shadows.
> >>
> >>
> > Hi John,
> >
> > perhaps its worth for you to take a look at Inkscape (
> > http://www.inkscape.org/). Inkscape saves it's pictures as SVG which can
> > be directly imported into Scribus.
> >
> >
>The ultimate (perhaps) for this kind of thing is going to be something
>like Blender, which has a bit of a learning curve to be sure, but can do
>things that most other graphics manipulation programs only pretend to do.

Someone suggested XaraLX. I tried the Windows trial version (I didn't
mention that I am a Windows user).  It worked very well, and it was
very easy to use.

It seems that the open source Linux version is incomplete, but it should
be able to do what I want. Unfortunately, I have to reinstall Kubuntu to
test it.

I see that Blender runs on Windows. I will try it in a little while.

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