[Scribus] VDP

gershon gershon
Tue Oct 30 19:26:33 CET 2007

This software rocks! now really, been searching for a variable data printing
to work with Scribus, have'nt seen any plugins\scripts around though...

I know the scripter could do this, but have'nt tried it yet.

But i did wrote a bash script, using a dynamically generated fdf file,
pdftk<http://www.accesspdf.com/pdftk/>and empty pdf text fields in an
exported Scribus document, i got a nice
outcome but in a long time.

I'm looking for help&support on writing a maybe more inline version, that
would send directly to the printer, maybe including postscript driver
features like multi-tray

Could u/l the script to the wiki maybe if anyone interested...

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