[Scribus] Cmake miseries redux.

Craig Ringer craig
Fri Oct 26 16:32:10 CEST 2007

John Culleton wrote:
> On Friday 26 October 2007 10:00:04 am Gregory Pittman wrote:
>> John Culleton wrote:
>>> On Friday 26 October 2007 02:51:15 am Craig Ringer wrote:
>>>> John Culleton wrote:
>>>>> In a 1.3.5 svn download when I do:
>>>>> cmake ../Scribus
>>>>> I get the following error:
>>>>> CMake Error: Qt qmake not found!
>>>>> But qmake exists on my system in /usr/bin/qmake.
>>>> You've omitted some important information:
>>>> 	- Distro
>>>> 	- Distro version
>>>> 	- Qt version
>>>> 	- CMake version
>>>> 	- The full output from CMake
>>> There were bits and pieces of qt4 on my system but I thought the safest
>>> course was to just download a qt4 package from a Slackware site. It is 
>>> installed under /opt/qt4.
>>> I  linked that qmake (found in /opt/qt4/bin)  to /usr/bin replacing the
>>> former link to an earlier qmake.
>>> "cmake ." now works. I am attempting a compile  using "make." After this
>>> completes  can I just rename the current version of
>>> /usr/local/bin/scribus to e.g., scribus.3.3.10 and then do a make install
>>> on 1.3.5?
>> This is NOT going to work. You need to do as Craig says and indicate
>> when you run cmake another directory for your 1.3.5:
>> cmake . -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:PATH=/your/svnversiondir/
>> If you change the name of scribus in /usr/local/bin you could easily end
>> up with neither version working.
>> Greg
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> OK but where will the executable reside after make install?  Or don't I do 
> make install?  I already have the current version renamed and it still works.  

After `make install' your Scribus excutable will be at 
${CMAKE_NISTALL_PREFIX}/bin/scribus . For example, if you set 
-DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:PATH=/usr/local/scribus135 , it'll be 
/usr/local/scribus135/bin/scribus .

If you prefer to have everything dropped straight in /usr/local (note: 
this makes a later uninstall difficult and annoying) you can instead set 
-DWANT_VERSIONING=1 . The scribus executable, plugins, etc will then be 
installed with a version suffix, and more importantly the Scribus 
executable will look in the right place for plugins and resources.

If you just rename the Scribus executable, you'll land up with two 
versions writing the same plugins to the same directory, sharing the 
same resources, etc. This does *not* work. At best, one of them will 
crash on start-up.

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Craig Ringer

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