[Scribus] Cmake miseries redux.

Craig Ringer craig
Fri Oct 26 08:51:15 CEST 2007

John Culleton wrote:
> In a 1.3.5 svn download when I do:
> cmake ../Scribus 
> I get the following error:
> CMake Error: Qt qmake not found!
> But qmake exists on my system in /usr/bin/qmake.

You've omitted some important information:
	- Distro
	- Distro version
	- Qt version
	- CMake version
	- The full output from CMake

> BTW cmake defaults to a build directory of /home/username/scribusinstal.
> This is a goofy default but to avoid long cmake strings I created such a 
> directory.  I don't much care where the thing is built.

It'll default to building in the current directory, wherever that is 
when you run cmake.

That permits multiple builds to be maintained from the same code, eg if 
I had the directories:


I could cd into "scribus-i386-debug" and run
"cmake ../scribus-src -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=debug"
to get a debug build, without having to make copies of the source in 
each build directory, keep it up to date, etc.

> cmake -f Makefile.cvs 
> but that doesn't work any more.  No Makefile.cvs  in the distro.  Is there a 
> substitute for it? 

Makefile.cvs / Makefile.svn were part of the autotools build framework, 
which haves been removed from 1.3.5 in favour of CMake.

Craig Ringer

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