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William F. Maddock billsey
Wed Oct 24 02:33:06 CEST 2007

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>I'm trying to absorb all the messages, and have to say that this is very 

What I'm thinking at the moment is that the manual could be kind of 3-part:

Design Concept (of scribus, not the documents y'all use it for)


How To

The "Design Concept" part might wind up being the most extensive, but would only need to be done one time, as it is going into some detail explaining the "why" of the particular construction of scribus, so that as things move forward it makes it easier for users to find and learn the use of new features (because the developers have sort of let the user into their heads to know what they are thinking). An added bonus: I'm not sure that there are currently any manuals that actually try to do that yet. It could be a scribus first. :-)

The "Features" part could be a brief synopsis of each feature.

And the "How To: part would get into the nuts and bolts of each feature.

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